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MEMBERSHIPCARD Fanclub members receive a cool fanclub membership card with their welcome-package

TICKET PRE-SALES Fanclub members have the first and best tickets for particular shows and concerts during our special Fanclub PRE SALES

MEET & GREET Fanclub members can enrol in raffles whenever there is a Meet & Greet possibility after concerts or shows.

CONTESTS & RAFFLES Fanclub members are eligable  participate in our digital contests and raffles to win great prizes. Check our

socials and BLOG-page regularly for that.

NEWSLETTERS  Fanclub members can subscribe for our digital newsletters with exclusive content

SIGNATURES Fanclub members can send in cd-covers, photographs etc. to receive it back with an autograph.

DISCOUNT  Fanclub members get 5% discount on their orders in our fanshop


EUROPE: Fill out the Membership Application-form below and follow the instructions.

OUTSIDE EUROPE: Send an email for information to and you will receive a reply with all the needed info.

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• Welcome package includes a photo card autographed by Ilse, a personalized membership card, 1 previous published fanclubmagazine, vintage Ilse post cards, Ilse stickers and an Ilse DeLange friendship bracelet.
• Transfer the amount of your selection to IDL Fanclub, IBAN: NL42INGB0008014859. BIC INGBNL2A
We will administrate your choice and you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt from us a.s.a.p.

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