• Do you know in which year Ilse’s debut album World Of Hurt was released?

    It is already almost 22 years ago so the right answer is 1998

  • Whose hands are ‘holding' a beltbuckle in the Livin’ On Love CD booklet ?

    Ilse and Antoon (fanclub) are holding the buckle. it was an idea of Erwin Olaf who also shot the great cover picture

  • In 1999 Ilse released her Dear John album.Who produced this album ?

    Dear John was a tribute to John Hyatt and his great songs. It was produced by the American producer Barry Beckett, the producer who was also responsible for Ilse’s debut album World Of Hurt. Ilse promoted the album with her band during the so-called Marlboro Flashback Tour. national

  • Since a few years Ilse is hosting her own country & americana music festival. Where is it held and what is the name of this event ?

    The name is Tuckerville and is held on the beautiful grounds of Het Rutbeek in Twente

  • Which song from Ilse is used by a campagne for UEFA Europe League by RTL Germany?

    The song Way Back Home is used for this 2020 campagne

  • In our quarterly fanclubmagazine Behind The Scene we introduce a fanclubmember to our readers. What is this section called?

    Sofar we have introduced a lot of members in the section called ‘Fan in the Spotlight’ in our 77 magazines